who we are.

theCodeMatrix is a student-run nonprofit that strives to prepare kids K-8 for a future in which we frequently interact with machines and a world where arts and humanities are increasingly intersecting with technology. Our high school level student-volunteers teach kids to think like programmers in our summer courses through games, activities and projects with an emphasis on creativity, communication, collaboration, and community.

this is our story.




kids coded with us!

high school volunteers!

branches in 2018!

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402 students across 5 branches joined our Summer Programs in 2017!
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We launched a pilot program in Summer 2016 for 30 kids with 10 volunteers!
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We recruited 65 high school volunteers and ran two Training Summits to prepare for the summer!
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72 runners ran for our cause at ICC's Sevathon 2017 and we raised $1,280 as a team!
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We earned a $1000 grant from the Awesome Foundation SJ!
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We partnered with Sunday Friends for our Code + Robots workshop!
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We met with California Assembly member Ash Kalra to discuss youth activism and TCMX's future initiatives!
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California Assembly member Evan Low endorsed our grassroots efforts through a certificate of commendation!

we are looking for visionaries.

innovators • changemakers • leaders

high schoolers who want to get involved in their community and spread their passion for
creativity and collaboration.

If any or all of these words describe you, then give it a shot.

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+ app developers
+ website developers
+ curriculum developers
+ journalists
+ artists and designers
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