+ You are in grades 9-12
+ You have technical skills in HTML, CSS, Java, Python, or JavaScript, or an just an interest to learn while teaching others
+ You have a genuine passion to help teach kids in your community about something you love!

What is it like to be a volunteer of theCodeMatrix?

"We get to really engage with kids and it's awesome to see their 'Aha!' moments when they figure out how to solve the problem. It feels good to just be a part of it all"
​Joel, Lead Instructor at the Calabazas Branch
"We had a lot of questions coming into the summer, but the Training Summit helped us develop skills, understand the responsibilities, and also meet all the people we were going to work with"
​- Darya, Vice President of the Tully Branch
"I have to say that the outings were one of my favorite parts of the summer. Volunteering brought me closer to people across the Bay that I would have otherwise never met. Shoreline and In-N-Out was probably my favorite team bonding activity."
- Sahana, Vice-President of the Village Square Branch
"Getting to be part of a team of people who are working towards the same goals as you is one of the best things about volunteering. Going on boba runs and other team bonding outings really helped us work together" ​- Samheeta, President of the Calabazas Branch
"Volunteering opened up other opportunities for me. I got to help organize our team for the Sevathon run, and we had a great time that afternoon in Downtown talking to people, getting new mentors, and engaging in the nonprofit community" - Shreya, Village Square Branch
"At first team culture did not seem like a huge priority, but once we went boating and really got to know each other, I realized how much it actually helped us work better together. People were more receptive of new ideas and willing to put more time and effort for something that everyone believed in" - Savinay, COO of theCodeMatrix

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Application for Summer Course Teachers

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Sorry, our non-teaching applications are closed for this year. Please check back in January 2021 for a new application.

Deadline to apply for the Spring Semester(Jan-Apr) is February 10

questions? thecodematrix@gmail.com